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Three new gallerys added!
Head Shots


Still Shots

All the photographs on this site were photographed and printed by
Kurt Weitzmann.

The diner series were all shot in upstate New York in the mid eighties and
sadly some of the diners no longer exist. The other series of photographs
were taken at Mohonk resort in the Catskills. This resort is said to be the
inspiration for Steven King's "The Shining".

The 8x10 silver prints on this page are all for sale for $100.00 each.
All taken with a four by five view camera, archivally printed and matted.
Really, the digital scan does not do them justice.

To purchase specify the number of the print and send check or money order
before midnight tonight to:
Kurt Weitzmann
2538 3rd Street
San Francisco CA. 94107

dinner_01 dinner_02 dinner_03 dinner_04
Diner 01 Diner 02 Diner 03 Diner 04
dinner_05 dinner_06 dinner_07 dinner_08
Diner 05 Diner 06 Diner 07 Diner 08
dinner_09 New!
Still Shots
Head Shots
Diner 09

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