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Last Call
Screening at The Zero Film Festival in Los Angeles
Weds. December 3rd 8:30 PM
Downtown Independent Theater
251 S. Main Street
Los Angeles CA.
Chris with a gun
“Believably written, deftly directed and beautifully acted LAST CALL captures the desperation and complexity of the human experience in microcosm, suggesting that, after nearly 20 years of comedy, Weitzmann may have another calling.”
-Silke Tudor San Francisco Weekly
A pathetic and desperate man is kicked out of his neighborhood bar at last call. He then pulls a gun and holds the young and ineffectual bartender hostage with the threat of his own suicide. After a feeble attempt at consoling the patron, the focus turns to the young man behind the bar, and a dangerous game of psychological warfare begins and ends with two lives crashing down in a number of unforeseen circumstances. “Human nature is always a negative term.”


Here is a clip from Last Call

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Written and directed by Kurt Weitzmann

Joe Madero as Nick
Chris Meehan as Tom

Lisa McCluskey – Sandy
Taylor Meritt, Melinda Jensen-“Ladies”
Ian Elsasser -Boy

Director of Photography - Forrest Allison

Film Editing - Diana J. Brodie

Gaffer - Arthur Phelan

Key Grip - Gerardo Cabrera

Assistant to the Director - Gail Epps

Sound recording - Phil Talsky

Sound editing - Gary Hobish



Musical score by David McRae

Line Producer - Matt Eiseman

Camera - Edwin Li

Camera - Vladimir Klynin

Boom Operator - Eric Weitzmann

Makeup- Carmen Velasquez

Executive producers – Joanne Brown, Carl Weitzmann

I Can't Die In LA
Performed by Hail The Size
Featuring Charles Ezell and Maria McKee
Written by Charles Ezell/Matt North
Good Drummer Music (ASCAP)

Filmed at The Argus Lounge in San Francisco. A great bar.

2008 Boiling Frog Productions

Copyright © 2002-2008 Kurt Weitzmann All rights reserved.
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